How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows

How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows
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After suffering this problem myself and reading around, discovering that many of you suffer the same issues, I decided to create a short blog post on how I managed to stop this issue. I first noticed this disk issue when my laptop would hang or crash and just run generally really slow.

This was the resulting information shown to me using the task manager:

Windows 10 Task Manager - 100% Disk Usage

As you can see, the Disk usage is at 100%, it was like this for a very long time and showed no signs of slowing down. Also there are no running tasks or processes that show they are using high disk usage. The fix for this is actually quite simple and straight forward if you follow the simple steps below.


1) To fix 100% disk usage on windows 8, 8.1 and even windows 10, then open up the task scheduler

Windows 10 statbar showing task scheduler


3) Navigate down through the menu tree, Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Windows > Defrag

Windows Task Scheduler Defrag


4) Disable the Defrag task by right clicking on the scheduled task

Disable Scheduled Defrag Task

Thats it, this solved my disk usage issues, now all you have to remember is to occasionally defragment your hard drive, at least now you can decide when its happening, or even schedule your own task so it does it when you’re most likely not going to be using your computer.

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