Updates and Improvements: How They Benefit eBay Buyers and Sellers Knowledge Article Thumb

This post was located at: https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news/updates-and-improvements-how-they-benefit-ebay-buyers-and-sellers/ and has been restored due to the importance of the information provided. Original Post By: Phil Dunn, Contributing Writer eBay seller sees boost in buyer activity since new eBay system changes. The year 2016 was a breakout year for the buying and selling community on eBay. New tools and policies […]


See what your customers are doing with Inspectlet Knowledge Article Thumb

So we all hear about SEO and optimizing rankings, but the cold hard fact is that non of that will matter if users find it difficult or confusing to use your website effectively. What is worse is that if you are paying for advertising or for an SEO specialist to rank you higher, you may […]


Override rel=”canonical” in WordPress Knowledge Article Thumb

We have two blogs that we actively use for developer related content. The problem is that sometimes posts are relevant for both websites and anyone who knows about Google and their duplicate content policy knows how serious it can be to do this incorrectly. For those who are unaware the rel=”canonical” can be used for duplicate […]


Fix DROWN Vulnerability in Plesk & WHM Knowledge Article Thumb

Within the last couple of weeks a new deadly security vulnerability has been discovered in OpenSSL that may affect more than 11 Million websites who have servers with outdated and insecure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cryptography SSLv2. Hackers are able to launch a low-cost attack that can decrypt your sensitive HTTPS communications, which include logins, credit […]


BoxBilling PDF Invoice “FPDF error” Knowledge Article Thumb

We was excited to learn that BoxBilling had implemented PDF support, as a user of BoxBilling for our clients we have had numerous requests for PDF invoices. We finally got round to updating our BoxBilling to the latest version and began playing around with the PDF invoices. Unfortunately they did not work at all, we […]


How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows

After suffering this problem myself and reading around, discovering that many of you suffer the same issues, I decided to create a short blog post on how I managed to stop this issue. I first noticed this disk issue when my laptop would hang or crash and just run generally really slow. This was the […]


iOS 9: Surge in mobile data usage after iOS upgrade iOS 9: Surge in mobile data usage after iOS upgrade

iOS 9 users have been suffering since the recent update, but the latest to come to the fold is something that could actually cost you a lot of money if you aren’t careful. It has recently been unearthed that the recent upgrade to the new iOS 9 version of Apple’s operating system has a built […]


Problems with PayPal and iPhone Problems with PayPal and iPhone

Are your conversion rates plunging when it comes to customers checking out using PayPal on iOS devices? There may be problems with PayPal and iPhone! Well it appears there is a small bug thats been caused due to an update to iOS recently, from what we can gather customers who use the auto-login feature of iOS […]


Implement Schema into your website Implement Schema into your website

Take a look at the image to the left, this is just 1 of many benefits that Schema brings to your search results. Not only does it help your customers interact with your site more effectively directly through the search engine but it also gives google a complete understanding of your website and what it has […]


Add Schema to WooCommerce Products Knowledge Article Thumb

WooCommerce & Schema.org/Product To add product schema to your products in WordPress using WooCommerce is relatively straight forward, providing you follow these instruction closely and that the theme you’re using has been coded properly and within the ‘normal’ methods for a WordPress theme. Now lets get started and add schema to WooCommerce products Step 1. […]