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Bespoke Website Development

Bespoke Website Systems DevelopmentWebDesires works with a whole range of bespoke website systems, we know that the internet is not just about eCommerce and infact there are allot of niche businesses starting up every day all over the planet.

We provide a whole host of bespoke website systems to our clients that can be purchased and modified to the bespoke nature of their business, we have Online booking systems, eCommerce stores, online recycling systems, price comparison systems, content management systems (CMS), escort sites, affiliate sites and many more…

We like to work closely with our clients, providing out-of the-box solutions, modifying solutions to meet our customers needs and developing new solutions when required to match the ever growing needs of the online industry.

Below is a list of bespoke website systems we can offer you TODAY! Contact us immediately for a discussion and we can tailor the best solution for your needs and for a price you can afford!

Online Booking Systems

Our aim with this system is to offer both the front end user and the administrators a simple user friendly experience. At WebDesires we have spent a lot of time focusing on our how systems appear and work, we have used all of this experience to build what we feel, is a fast and secure online booking system. Whether you’re a hotel or a driving school, this system is definitely going to help make your daily business tasks a lot easier and simpler. Save time, save money!

Everything moves forward, and its no different for your business, having a fully manageable online booking system will not only reduce your workload but is also going to increase your custom. In the world today people are put off using hotels, cinemas, driving schools etc simply because they cannot book the times they need online. Make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers. Get in touch for a quote now!

Online Shop

eCommerce has been booming for years and its still not slowing down. If you have a store or an eBay shop then you our eCommerce system is the system perfect for you. We are here to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re selling art or clothes it really is important you get online and create your own web presence.

Our online system has taken all of the good parts of other cart systems around, and then improved each feature one by one. With out cart system you also get better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and schematics.

Content Management System

Don’t need a complex booking system or eCommerce store? Still want a fully flexible and editable website with an intuitive administration panel? Then this system is 100% what you and your company needs. This system will offer you the flexibility you need, you can do so much with this great system.

  • Edit Site Content
  • Add and Remove Pages
  • Edit Header and Footer
  • Change images
  • Edit Menu Setup
  • Much Much More…

Recycling System

Our recycling system is specially tailored to those who wish to offer a recycling service to their customers, where they find and send off their unwanted items and earn cash. It’s a great way to make money as those who don’t have time or don’t want the hassle of using auction sites such as eBay can easy and effortlessly send their items to you and earn a little bit of cash in the process! You can then resell those items through commercial channels or directly to other businesses depending on your industry connections.

One of the most popular systems we build is mobile phone recycling and electronics recycling as electronic items are usually worth quite a bit of money and because people upgrade quite often there’s always technology that seem obsolete to some, but treasure to someone else!

Price Comparison

Our price comparison engine is for those who with to run their own price comparison website, comparing prices amongst various websites to give customers the best deal on the items they are searching for, as a bonus you can affiliate with companies and earn commission for customers you refer to them, or earn money from advertising etc.

One of the most popular price comparison systems is mobile phone recycling.