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XLSX To CSV Conversion PHP (Fast & Efficient)

When doing anything these days the very first thing I look for is a resource or library that can do what I need, and for the most part these are better maintained, more thought through and generally a safer bet than hacking / slashing things together yourself. Basically who wants to re-invent the wheel. However […]


Website 18+ Age Restriction on Mobile Networks O2, EE, Vodafone, GiffGaff, BT

A client of ours has had an issue recently where their website ended up being Age Restricted by all the popular mobile networks, basically anyone who has not unlocked their mobile network for 18+ content and whom tries to visit the clients website gets an age restriction warning asking them to contact their provider and […]


Sort Table By Column using JavaScript – Text Sort & Number Sort

So recently I wanted to be able to sort a HTML table column using Javascript, I wanted to be able to sort ASC or DESC flipping the order on multiple clicks of the column. The table was going to be pretty big so another important factor was speed, it had to run as fast as […]


htaccess Remove Multiple Slashes in URL

Apache is a beast, a big untamed beast that sometimes releases a huge surprise that confuses, perplexes and even scares the living shit out of you, such as when you realise that Apache doesnt care about multiple slashes (empty directories?? WHAT ON EARTH?!?), which I have just coined #slashesgate. So what is this seriously messed up […]


Getting an A+ rating on the Qualys SSL Test on all cPanel Domains

Security is very on both sides of the table when it comes to websites and servers, for one it’s good for you as the server administrator as you and your clients are less likely to be compromised in any fashion, and of course it is something to boast about. This is also true for the […]


WordPress Contact Form 7 – Add email addresses to all forms

Sometimes with Contact Form 7 you may have many forms, we have clients with 20+ forms on each of their sites, and sometimes you may with all your forms were sent to various staff members which change over time, the annoyance of Contact Form 7 is that to handle this you have to edit each […]


How to re-install MySQL on a WHM/cPanel server

There are some cases where you need to completely re-install MySQL or MariaDB, whether it is because the package has corrupted or is having problems or if in our case with a client you have a non-standard service installed and you are getting messages such as: We expected to upgrade to 5.6; however, the system […]


How to debug mod_pagespeed with cURL

If you ever wondered what mod_pagespeed was doing, why it was skipping some resources or you just want to make sure it is not having any difficulty then there is an easy way to debug any page of any website using a cURL request. This is especially useful when you are trying to configure mod_pagespeed to compress […]


HTTP2 easy install on WHM/cPanel EA4

UPDATED 31/07/2017 – EA4 HTTP/2 has now moved out of Experimental! I was surprised last night to discover that HTTP2 has come to WHM Experimental and can now be installed with just a few short steps into EasyApache 4. If you dont already use EA4 I strongly suggest you move over to it if possible […]


Knowledge Article Thumb

We was recently trying to help a client setup his FireFox FireFTP so that it would connect to our FTP server, unfortunately though we hit some very baffling problems which took some guess work and research in order to fix. The problem seems to be that FireFTP has not implemented the FTP protocol spec properly […]