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Custom eCommerce Design

We have a dedicated website design team that will work with you to build you a design from scratch. They will start from a blank canvas and evolve unique concepts that target your preferred audience.

We work with you and your company closely in order to establish the perfect design and image you want your business to portray. Working so closely will also allow you to see the design develop over time until we get it right for you.

Already have a brand? No problem, our design team can work towards building a website design around your brand, or even develop and improve your current branding further. Of course, if you do not have a brand yet, then our team can develop your brand alongside the website design.

Mobile Responsive eCommerce

To ensure you reach a larger number of customers through your website it is highly important to have a responsive design for your website. Here at WebDesires we ensure that every design we create is always 100% fully responsive at no extra cost. Google has now started penalising websites that are not mobile responsive, which is simply something we cannot afford to happen to any of our clients. This is why if you choose us to do your responsive eCommerce website that we will build the responsive side for you 100% FREE!

Recent figures have shown that mobile browsing has increased to a point now where we see more users using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, than we do using desktop and laptop browsers.


Multi Channel eCommerce

Linking your store with different channels for different tasks such as stock control and order management can be quite a burden. So let us take that burden away from you, we can set up and extra channels you need for your store.

Integrated eCommerce

Having an eCommerce store alone is good, but by integrating with a few of the external options around you can turn your good eCommerce store into a great one. Integrating with different market places, mailing systems, payment gateways and social media can and will lead to you reaching a larger custom base.

We have a wealth of experience working with these external systems and integrating them into eCommerce platforms. So if this is something you’re store needs, then please do not hesitate any longer and get in touch, we’re always willing to help.


e-commerce integration technologies

Search Engine Optimised eCommerce

Search engines are the power behind any website. We understand the importance of SEO and the current best practices and provide the tools and services which are vital for tuning your on-page SEO to the maximum, things like Schema, link sculpting and keyword targeting are all very important to your SEO goals.

All of our eCommerce websites have the latest advanced SEO tools allowing great flexibility when optimising your website for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For the advanced SEO you can rely on our team of SEO experts who can provide SEO services to improve the rankings and traffic to your website.

SEO Process

Custom eCommerce Development

Need something different or bespoke? We can offer this too! Within our ever growing client base we have noticed that each and every eCommerce store likes to do things slightly differently. So we have a lot of experience in building bespoke features and add-ons for eCommerce platforms. So if there is anything you need, then contact us for a discussion and we’ll see what we can do for you and maybe advise you on the best approach for your unique development ideas.



Let's Begin Your Journey...

Get in touch us now to begin your journey to having a beautifully crafted mobile responsive website. If you're still unsure what we could do for you then take a look at our Why Us page which includes reviews, or take a look at our Portfolio.

We can work on improving existing websites or craft a new stylish website making your business stand out.

You could always catch us by E-Mail, Telephone, Skype or Live Chat to us below.