Mobile Phone Recycling Development

Start your own Mobile Phone Recycling System just like Mazuma Mobile & Envirofone with our professional Phone Recycling System.

at WebDesires we believe we have an industry leading Mobile Phone Recycling System which has been built specifically to offer all the features a Mobile Phone Recycling company needs in order manage their business with ease and simplicity. With our knowledge of modern Website Design, your Recycling System will feature a modern, good looking interface that is responsive for access from all types of devices including mobile phones, tablets and other small hand-held devices.

Our unique price tracking engine allows you to not only setup your catalogue in minutes, but to stay competitive by automatically adjusting prices to your specifications against your competitors, read more below…   

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Why Work With Us

We have allot of knowledge of Mobile Phone Recycling after working in the trade for several years as employees and developers of Bozowi – A popular mobile phone recycling company based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. During our time with the company we got to work with the entire team of Bozowi, learning how all the different departments work and how they connect together, we provided IT support and Web Development for the Bozowi website as well the internal systems which were built to make the company more efficient and able to handle more customers at once. We feel that this knowledge and understanding puts us at a great advantage and indeed inspired us to develop our own recycling website system for resale.

Recycling System Features

Modern Responsive Website

Your recycling website will be accessible and usable on mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Your brand and style will shine through to your customers no matter what device they use to place their recycling order. This means you will be able to target a larger user base as you will not just be restricted to desktop users – in a world where over 80% of all devices connected to the internet are mobile phones this is a great opportunity, factor in the recent requirements by Google and providing a stronger ranking signal for websites that are usable on mobile devices you can really understand the importance of responsive design.

Automated Product Import / Price Tracking Engine

Our system has a unique Product Import Engine that can setup all the products in your store in minutes by collecting products from your competitors, this allows you to setup your store in minutes with all the products, product images and prices from your competitors, the system also allows you to decide on what % you want to add or remove from product prices on setup. Similarly our system also has a Price Tracking Engine which allows you to continuously track prices from your competitors to stay above or within any percentage you deem fit, ie offer 10% more or offer 25% less. 


Fully Editable & Usable

Your recycling system will have a comprehensive administration panel where you can manage everything from the categories, products and all pages on your website. You can also see all customers and orders placed in the system and a unique order processing panel gives you a full overview of all orders and their current status.

Order Management

All orders have a unique identifier and are manageable in your recycling system, you can see the current status of all orders, update the status on any order as you move through the process of receiving the device, testing it, downgrading it if required and finally paying the customer for their devices. This process is incredibly easy and quick and your customer will get updates as you move through your processes.

Additional Systems & Features

UPS Collection API Services

We have worked with UPS in the past and can integrate automated UPS collection scheduling so your customers can book collection of the devices they are recycling and a label can automatically be generated for printing or posting out to the customer, this makes the process faster and more personalised.

eCommerce Store

If your looking to sell on the devices you receive through your recycling system we have a dedicated eCommerce team that can help you set-up your own eCommerce store.


Other Recycling Systems

Your not just limited to recycling mobiles, whatever you want to get customers to recycle our system can be adapted to work to your needs, for instance perhaps you want a recycling system for recycling cars, or recycling televisions or even other technology such as laptops – the possibilities are endless!

Internal Systems

If your looking for an internal system for managing your processes and increasing efficiency from your employees then we are here for you, whatever the project large or small we can come into your premises learn how YOU do things and build you a customized internal system for your company.


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