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Content Management Systems (CMS) Development

What Is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System which is a website with full management facilities to allow anyone to add/modify and remove content from their website without any coding experience, such sites include business sites looking to establish a presence online, personal/informative sites for the purpose of relaying information which may include simple product purchasing, contact forms, location information and product catalogues / image galleries.

CMS Technologies

WebDesires can work with many different technologies, however we support and openly recommend WordPress for your Content Management Website, as it already includes all the tools required in order to setup and manage a full CMS website. Plugins can also extend WordPress allowing for galleries, product sales, calendars and more.

However on occasion a customer’s requirements might be so bespoke that a bespoke system will be required, we are experts on bespoke systems and although such systems can be more expensive we can create great, functional bespoke systems which will match your requirements completely while offering a clean consistent UI for both your visitors and your administration staff.

Responsive CMS Design

Here at WebDesires we pride ourselves on unique responsive design, giving your website a great, modern look and feel that is consistent between mobile, tablet and desktop. Our design team can work with you to create a colour scheme and layout to your liking, with great usable UI and Google Mobility compatibility. Designs can range from very simple and easy on the eye to very image rich, colourful with impact depending on your brand, what the message of your site is and what sort of site you are setting up.

We can take ideas from your design or your designers, we can also take example sites or just colour schemes which we can work with to make a unique theme to suit your site.

Responsive Website

CMS SEO Services

WebDesires provides complete SEO solutions to our clients, we are very experienced with Semantic SEO and Semantic SEO implementation, please contact us for more details.

CMS Training

Upon completion of website development, you will be given a document detailing how to use the CMS and edit the content on the website. There is also the added benefit that we’ll also allow 2 hours free of our time to help teach any of the things you do not understand clearly or anything that is not detailed and explained within the document. So you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not only have a great website and back-end system, but you will also not be left alone with a daunting task of learning a new system.

After the initial 2 hours we can also provide additional support charged at our hourly rate.

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