Royal Mail Click & Drop OpenCart Setup Service

Royal Mail Click & Drop OpenCart Setup Service

Royal Mail Click & Drop Integration for OC 1.5.x



Royal Mail have yet to implement any integration with Opencart… So this module follows the only work-around available at this time which is via DropBox.

Don’t worry, once setup it will be completely automated but unfortunately requires a DropBox account and some setup in order to work. Which you can follow our guide or pay us a small fee to do this for you, see below.

Let Us Set You Up
We can help you setup your Royal Mail Click & Drop for you if you are struggling, don’t have time or are unfamiliar with all the required fiddling, we only charge £60 for this service, but we will need access to your dropbox, admin panel of opencart and your Royal Mail Click & Drop Account.

Set It Up Yourself

Please download from and follow the instructions carefully that are included in the ZIP and available on the Documentation. This plugin works with OpenCart 1.5.x ONLY!

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