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OpenCart Support & Development

We can provide one-time or on-going OpenCart Development Support,  providing services such as bug fixing, plug-in support and custom development
We have been working with OpenCart for many years, as OpenCart Experts we work on customization, improvement and expansion of the core OpenCart system for ourselves and our clients. As part of this process we have worked on a number of bespoke features in various OpenCart stores, as well as providing bug fixes, modifications and expansions of various OpenCart plug-ins.

We also specialize in usability with responsive bootstrap design and website speed improvement, see our Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix scores below.

OpenCart Versions?

We support any OpenCart version, whether you have OpenCart 1.5, Opencart 2 or Opencart 3. Furthermore because of our insight into all the OpenCart versions, if you ever thought about upgrading to a newer version of OpenCart we can provide advise on if it will be beneficial and move your data over to a newer version if you choose.

What We Can Do For You

One of our most important services is OpenCart design and usability improvements, improving how your store works and optimizing your OpenCart store for Google PageSpeed will provide you with a definitive edge on your competition as well as improving your conversion rates and rankings. As part of usability we can look at improving how customers interact with your site, anything from making various functionality easier to use or more obvious, to emphasising important benefits you may provide as part of your product or service or simply making the process of checking out and paying faster and more secure. Working with us is a breeze, we can provide a fixed quote or charge per hour, any features you require will be sourced from the top recommended developers (saving you money) or developed completely bespoke by us and integrated into your system, because plug-ins may not be as flexible as you require we can expand and improve any third-party plugin as appropriate. We can also improve the speed and security of your server or provide great UK or US hosting on our dedicated servers.   Here are some of the great OpenCart support services we can offer you:

OpenCart Setup

We can help you install and setup your OpenCart store, or if you are re-installing or upgrading to a new version then we can be on hand to offer support so that this can go smoothly.

Moving To OpenCart

If your looking to move to OpenCart from another system then we can help! our migration expertise can really help you move all your products, categories, reviews and webpage content from another system into OpenCart.

OpenCart Hacked!

If your OpenCart store has been compromised then our friendly support team can not only correct the problems caused from the hacking, but also harden your security so that it will be more difficult for the hacker to return and do the same damage again.

OpenCart Features / Improvements

Our main specialty is helping you improve your OpenCart store, this could be anything from usability on the website, usability in the admin panel for your staff, search engine optimization or adding new features to make your store easier to use and/or open up new revenue streams!

OpenCart Bugs / Extension Support

If you are having problems with OpenCart or with any third-party plug-ins, we can provide technical services and fix any problems that may be occurring, this includes broken functionality, speeding up OpenCart if it is too slow or recovering your site from severe problems and downtime. We can work with any third-party extensions, and can even offer development and fixes for third-party extensions to provide the functionality you require.

OpenCart Themes

If your looking to freshen up your OpenCart theme, we can provide design and development services to improve your current theme or develop and brand new custom theme, we can even develop mobile / tablet / responsive themes and/or convert your current theme to work on mobile devices.

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OpenCart Pagespeed and GTMetrix Speed Improvement

Speed is everything these days, and optimizing the speed of your OpenCart store is one of the most important improvement to make for google ranking and conversion rates as customers will not leave out of frustration of slow loading web pages. We specialize in OpenCart Optimization services, there are a number of vital optimizations we can make to your OpenCart store:

  1. Improving the performance of MySQL and your OpenCart database tables.
  2. Implement more OpenCart caching for queries.
  3. Implement caching for common site objects, such as the header menu bar which can make over 200 MySQL queries to generate!
  4. Implement full static site caching for guests, vital for the first time visitor you wish to impress!
  5. HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimizations to comply with Google Page Speed.
  6. Google Mod Pagespeed for OpenCart supported on our hosting platform for ultimate speed and optimization.

Here is a Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix report for one of our customers:

There is much we can do to increase the performance of your OpenCart store, please click “Get A Quote” below to find out what we can do for you!

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OpenCart Responsive Theme Conversion

responsive_440x300 Do you have an OpenCart store but your theme is not Responsive? Did you know that A Responsive website is vital for Google ranking? Google is now ranking sites on their ability to respond and display accordingly on smaller devices.
More than 85% of people used their tablet or mobile device for on-line purchases in 2016! A fully responsive OpenCart design will enable your clients and customers to browse and purchase goods or services from your eCommerce store using any device they wish with comfort.
Responsive design gives your customers a better shopping experience, and at WebDesires we have a proven track record with a highly skilled development and design team that will be able to either convert your existing theme to work responsively or build you a new theme that provides full responsive design for your OpenCart eCommerce platform. Your new store will be intuitive, stylish and responsive, helping to boost sales for your on-line business.


  • – Responsive design
  • – Fully Compliant Code
  • – Works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
  • – Full After Sales Support
  • – Popular Devices Supported*
  • – Full Usability
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