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Website Marketing

Marketing your website is one of the most important activities you should invest in as it will bring in new customers, bring back existing customers and most importantly increase your revenue. There are a number of ways this can be achieved, natural ranking, re-targeting past customers and/or advertising. Here at WebDesires we work closely with our clients in all fields of marketing, helping you increase exposure to your past, present and new customers.


PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is useful for targeting new customers through social networks and search engines, and is also useful in aiding your ranking abilities with search engines.

At WebDesires, with our experience we can craft an efficient campaign, according to your budget and your target audience. Over the last few years PPC charges have increased dramatically, so the emphasis on a cost effective plan has never been greater. Our PPC campaigns are affordable, and will help increase your on-line reputation.

We work with some of the most popular platforms including Google Adsense, Facebook Advertising and Bing Ads.



Email Promotions

Bringing Customers Back

Utilizing your data is key to bringing back customers that once purchased from you, especially if there first experience was a good one. We can help you extract important customer information such as email addresses and telephone numbers and help you put together newsletters with or without promotions to tempt your previous customers to come back and spend with you again. You could simply send out an email with your hottest new products, or perhaps your best sellers. Or maybe you want to be even smarter and send related product suggestions to your customers.

Reaching Out To New Customers

We can provide great strategies for building up lists of customers that never bought from you, from newsletter sign-ups to abandoned carts – there is plenty of opportunity to reach out to people and tempt them back to your store. We work with a number of companies that can offer lists of email addresses of their customers so you can reach out to new potential customers and drive them to your store.


Link Building

This used to be a vital part of SEO and bringing yourself up to the top on google search, its still true today that good quality backlinks will improve your visibility in search results – however be warned that being too aggressive or having many poor backlinks is very very bad for your rankings. We can help you distinguish good backlinks and bad backlinks by building a backlink profile, the goal is to remove all bad backlinks as they are going to really penalise your website in search rankings.

We have contact with some very good ranking websites including blogs that we can get backlinks for you to increase your good backlinks, link building is a long tedious task but if done correctly it can really help bring continuous traffic to your store for months and even years after.


Google Trusted Stores

Becoming a google trusted store brings many perks, not only will it increase your trust with Google and your rankings but you will also have the opportunity to appear on Google’s shopping search engine, allowing you to target buyers directly, take orders and make money directly on Google’s platform.



If you have allot of good quality products there are millions of stores around the internet who will help sell your products for commission, this could be a fixed or percentage for each sale brought to your site from your affiliates, this can increase your revenue and your customer base – by having your products shared on other websites, on social media and etc you can target more potential customers without needed to do the promotions yourself.

We provide excellent options for either joining an affiliate system or running your own in-house affiliate system.


Directory Listings

People seem to neglect this area of advertising these days, but there was once a time where most people would utilize a directory website – today though most people just open Google or another search engine to find what they are looking for, but don’t underestimate the power of directory systems. Even in today’s world!

Listing your site on directories helps with your google rankings as they will be backlinks to your website, but more importantly potential customers can find your site on directory websites they are using to find services and products. Even more commercial directory sites such as Yellow Pages and Thompson Local are still used quite heavily today by people all over the world. We can manage and promote your site across many directory sites to help increase your exposure.


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