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Generally merging arrays in PHP is pretty straightforward given the built in functions on offer for developers. <?php $array1 = array(0 => “data1”, 1 => “data2”, 3 => “data”); $array2 = array(1 => “data”); $result = array_merge($array1, $array2); ?> Given the above array its obvious how simple merging 2 arrays can be. The expected result […]


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When doing anything these days the very first thing I look for is a resource or library that can do what I need, and for the most part these are better maintained, more thought through and generally a safer bet than hacking / slashing things together yourself. Basically who wants to re-invent the wheel. However […]



Magento can use allot of resources re-indexing, and you may find that doing re-indexing through the admin panel often fails and/or times out. So running the re-indexing using shell commands is very beneficial, not only does it appear to work faster, it will also run for as long as it needs without any interruptions. It’s […]


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You may have come across this a few times during your development career, and in most cases it’s easy to either extend PHP’s memory or simply optimize the script you have written to use less memory, however sometimes you may need to extend PHP’s memory but the obvious functions you may be familiar to may […]



OpenCart eCommerce Platform What is OpenCart and why we recommend it for your eCommerce business. WebDesires are Accredited OpenCart Developers in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. The majority of our work is with OpenCart and supporting our clients who have OpenCart eCommerce stores, we recommend OpenCart to all clients looking to start an eCommerce store because […]


Sometimes when writing complex scripts or scripts that need to use allot of memory you may end up receiving this error message “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated x) (tried to allocate x bytes) in /path/to/your/script on line x”. Firstly it is a common misunderstanding to think this is related to storage space, it has […]

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