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Keeping an eye on your servers DNSBL report is very important, a DNSBL is a blacklist of IP addresses that are logged when Spam is detected or when a host suspects spam emails coming from an IP, they are useful for thwarting spammers and they do a really good job. Unfortunately for us legitimate WebMasters, […]


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Sometimes with Contact Form 7 you may have many forms, we have clients with 20+ forms on each of their sites, and sometimes you may with all your forms were sent to various staff members which change over time, the annoyance of Contact Form 7 is that to handle this you have to edit each […]


Setting up a PTR Record in your DNS is a vital step for any website, especially if you are sending emails as this is an ever growing requirement for spam checking – A Reverse DNS record allows any server to verify that the IP address is authorized with the domain name and as such tells a server receiving […]

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