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Social Integration


Social Integration into your Website will allow visitors the opportunity to login / register and account with greater ease and will also encourage customers to share pages or content from your website, in turn giving your website greater coverage over social media and the web.


Social Sharing

Sharing content on social media is a valuable asset to any business. In an ideal world all of our customers would share our web pages for us. Although unlikely that all visitors would share our content, we want to make it available for them to do so. We can put Facebook Like buttons on your website and also a whole host of other social media sharing options such as Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Of course there are many more social media platforms around that we can also provide sharing capabilities for.

Having your content shared so widely across so many platforms will really increase the chances of having more visitors. The content will be shared by people already visiting your webpage, to like minded people who may have similar interests or tastes. This in turn will lead to more visits and essentially more customers or clients.


Social Login

It seems that nowadays every website you visit you have to sign up and register an account. Luckily we can provide a quick and easy way for customers and repeat visitors to sign up on your website or web system. Using social media accounts a visitor can come to your website and click on a simple button such as ‘Login With Facebook’ or ‘Login With Twitter’ etc. By using these buttons the visitor will not have to fill in all of the laborious forms that usually accompany registering on websites. Instead all of this information will automatically be provided by the social media platform and will be submitted to your database. Returning customers can the either login with the same email address they use for there social media account, or they can simply click on the ‘Login With Facebook’ button again to instantly gain access to there account.


Social Feeds

Social feeds provide your clients with a preview of your social media accounts. If you have a twitter account for your business, then why not display your tweets on your website. This would ensure that any customers are more likely to see social media content that may contain valuable information about your business, and updates or even special offer coupons. Its the same story with Facebook and LinkedIn with the posts you make on there. Just because a customer is linked with you on LinkedIn or indeed Likes your page on Facebook does not guarantee they will see what is posted to the social media platforms. By having this content on your website where the visitors can also interact with it, it helps ensure that your customers are not missing out!


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