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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is one of the most powerful investments you should make. The whole internet revolves around search engines, it is where anyone and everyone finds the information they are looking for.

We can help you improve your visibility and desirability in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by optimizing your site structure and content. You really don’t want to be hidden away in the depths of the Internet. Get exposure on the worlds leading search engines and drive that traffic towards your site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial to any On-line business that wants to not only survive, but thrive. Google is a notorious example of why SEO is so important, They frequently update algorithms to make search results smarter and to remove junk results. Take a look at our SEMrush Sensor to see how volatile Googles indexes are right now.


One-Time Website Structure Audit

A very important part of SEO is the structure and content of your site, our audit gives a clear understanding of the most important issues that may exist across your site and can also give clear indications of issues and potential improvements that can be made. Our audit includes a full structure analysis, key reports on common issues such as poor links, duplicate content, missing SEO and etc.

We recommend an audit such as this to determine which package is most suitable to you if you are considering our monthly SEO Monitoring and repairs service below. The audit will include reports such as:

  • Broken Links & Poor Structure.
  • Bad and Poor use of URL’s.
  • Duplication of Pages & Content.
  • Insufficient Page Content.
  • Insufficient use of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.
  • Insufficient Use of HTML (such as missing or poor H1, H2 and other tags).
  • Speed of your site on Mobile & Desktop.
  • Mobile & Desktop Usability.
  • JSON+LD Schema.


Get your website audited today for only £200 £100.


Monthly SEO Monitoring & Repairs

Our goal is to be as transparent and cost effective for you as possible, that is why we feel our monthly SEO monitoring and repairs service provides great value to you and your business, not only will we monitor the SEO of your website, but depending on your budget we can also tweak and fix issues across your site on a monthly basis, this allows you to avoid potentially expensive up-front costs if you were to tackle repairs immediately, but also provides an early warning system for new issues cropping up as the internet evolves and as your site similarly evolves. We do however provide monitoring only for those that wish to use third party developers for any repair work or might want to delegate issue fixing themselves.

The only difference in our packages below is the amount of pages we can monitor and tweaking and fixing we are able to do over each month, obviously the more you pay the more we can do within each month to benefit your website, so we recommend you at least start with our Standard package or higher, of course if you don’t need as much work doing as you are paying for we will automatically adjust your monthly payments accordingly when we send you a review of the state of your website each month and advise you if you should spend more if urgent work is required.

The packages below are for illustration and lead to a contact form so that we can review your site and discuss with you before we begin, this will enable us to recommend a package that suits you best, or a custom package if required. Of course if your site does not have SEO tools already this might create additional work that might mean a higher package for a few months for instance.

Monitoring Only

We can provide monitoring only, where-by we will keep an eye on the health and structure of your website, giving you alerts when issues occur and providing you a monthly report of all present issues outstanding, then you can either get your own/external team to improve your site and look into issues or pay us a reduced hourly fee of £30 per hour for any work relating to improving your SEO. It is completely flexible for small businesses who need to keep an eye on their budgets.


Monitoring & Repair / Improvement

We can provide a completely flexible plan to not only monitor your sites health and structure, but to also starting with the most severe issues first, apply fixes and enhancements for you automatically, providing you with immediate alerts when issues occur, and monthly reports on the current state of your sites health and a report on the alterations we have done.

Improving Your Site

From an audit we can provide detailed quotes to improve site structure and effectiveness, improving how your site provides information and it’s structure is one of the most important parts of SEO. Gone are the days of back linking and spamming – Google and other search engines are increasingly getting smarter and are now using natural language engines and AI to determine website content and relevancy, so making your site structure as clear as possible is ever more important.



One of the most important things we recommend and specialise in is machine readable data, on websites this is called JSON+LD, it is a type of code that machines can read and interpret without the need for complex algorithms as you simply tell it the important information about the page and website such as your business details, opening hours, your product details, options and pricing and much more.


URL’s, Links & Structure

This is pretty important too because search engines actively look at the quality of your site structure, things like broken urls cause a waste of ‘link juice’ while ugly non SEO urls such as www.example.com/page.php?id=12 is not only unattractive and unprofessional but is also uninformative and may even be attributed to user-generated and uncachable content. We work hard to implement better structure where possible, kill off dead or bad links and much more.


Duplicate Content – Poor Content

This sort of issue can have major consequences to your ranking in search engines, content that is duplicated across many different pages, or even pages that are accidentally duplicated by poor structure (as mentioned above) can lead to wasted ‘link juice’ and confusion with rankings. One of the major things we do is identify such issues and correct them where possible or inform you to modify or remove pages to your requirements.


UI, UX & Speed

In the last few years search engines have invested heavily in ranking sites based on user experience (UX), User Interaction (UI) and Speed in order to give users results that not only are relevant to them but are also providing the best experience for them. It is very important to optimize your site for Speed and Desktop / Mobile usability. We specialize in Speed and UX improvements and can help you improve the usability and speed of your website.



Once your site is on track to be the best it can be for search engines, we recommend Marketing Your Website to reach customers and build up your trustworthiness with the top search engines.

SEO Monitoring & Fixes From £200 per month

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