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Schema Integration

WebDesires can integrate schema into your website. We use a mixture of different schema techniques, but mainly try to prioritise JSON-LD. Using such advanced techniques we are able to push your website higher up the ranks on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There is schema for just about anything on your websites. If you have a restaurant there is schema for your food menus, opening times, prices etc. Its the same story for eCommerce stores. Everything can have some sort of schema added to it, products can display stock and price information right in the search engine results page.


Schema Integration – Why You Should Have It

The more a search engine knows about your website, the more accurately it can display your website in the search engine results pages when a user is searching for something more specific. For instance, if you owned a cinema, you could have cinema listings and timings displayed right in the search engine results, which would put your website right at the top of the first page on a search engine. Any unique or useful information such as this is always great for schema.

You can also include your website search bar within the search engine results, this would allow a user to search your website within first visiting it. So they will be taken directly to what they are looking for on your website, reducing the amount of page loads they have to do, which in turn speeds up there time to find the information. When users and clients are happy, they’re more likely to come back to your website. Make the users life as easy as possible. its worth it!


What types of schema are there?


1. Basic Schema

There is some basic schema that can be implemented to help google identify the different areas of your website, there is Header, Footer, Sidebar schema which defines the area for the relevant content. This helps google identify where the main content of the page is.


2. Business/Store Information

This is one of the fundamental pieces of schema to implement, this will tell google who you are, what you do, where you do it and what your opening hours are. For sub-websites you can even implement branch-of to link your other websites up to your main site.


3. Product Schema

Product schema allows you to tell google that an area of the page references a product or service, you can define the product name, description, manufacturer, stock quantity, the price and even provide images for the product. Google search will then display your products directly in search results!


4. Menu Schema

The menu bar schema tells google where your main menu bars are located and provides a detailed structure to how the links work in the menu bar, this enables google to decide which pages are important and which are children pages. This is very important for google and deciding how your site is structured.


5. Facebook Markup

Facebook Markup is very useful for Facebook itself, when someone pastes your website URL into a post or reply the schema is used to provide the correct information to their post – this is especially useful when it comes to images as Facebook tends to grab the first image it can find on the page which is most commonly your website logo, this is bad news when someone is sharing a product as showing the actual product image will entice people to go check it out on your website.


6. Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are much like Facebook in the sense that the data you provide is used when someone shares your URL on the social network, again this is pretty important when it comes to images as you can define the best image for Twitter to use depending on the page they are sharing.



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