GDPR Privacy Policy Write-up for e-commerce store



Our GDPR Privacy Policy Write-up service provides you with all you need to be GDPR Compliant, we will require some details on what areas of your site you collect data, if you do any marketing such as mail shots and if you copy or use any customer data outside of your site such as in internal systems or with third-parties.

With this data we can write up a GDPR Privacy Policy for your website explaining to customers what data is collected, where it is distributed and used and their rights concerning the data and your use of it.

Additionally you may need to modify some parts of your site so that any marketing preferences are opt-in only, this will be charged per hour to change as appropriate and a quote can be provided for any work before we begin

Once you have purchased this product we will contact you via email, please feel free to contact us before purchase if you have any questions.

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