Efficient XLSX to CSV Conversion


Efficient XLSX to CSV Conversion

Super fast and efficient conversion of XLSX to CSV.

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Product Description

We have built our own script that converts XLSX to CSV but with super efficiency (example of how it works below), the script will dump out a CSV from an XLSX without effort and super fast performance, we have tested our script on huge XLSX files, and we are confident the script runs extremely fast with as minimal resource usage as possible. The function has been updated so you can do any sheet you want to, throttle how many rows you want to process and more.

For just a small fee you can buy our script and use it freely for your projects, whether business or personal. If it doesn’t work for you a full refund can be requested, no problem!


How it works

its easy really, here is our example we include with your purchase:

	You can use XLSX2CSV very easily as shown below, just change the paths to the correct paths you need.
	$xlsx_file = '/path/to/file.xlsx';
	$xlsx_unzip_path = '/unpack/here/'; //make sure this is a unique empty folder (especially if using the cleanup)
	$csv_file = '/path/to/result.csv';
	$sheet = 1;
	$throttle = false; //you can set this to ie. 100 to fetch only 100 rows
	$cleanup = true; //if you dont want to cleanup all the junk you can turn this off.
	xlsx2csv($xlsx_file, $xlsx_unzip_path, $csv_file, $sheet, $throttle, 0);

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