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PrestaShop 503 Internal Server Error Paypal Module

One of our clients was having serious issues with their PrestaShop store, it would randomly start returning 503 Internal Server Error and would not come back up again, we found the only way to make the site work was to disable the PayPal Module and the site would magically start working again. To make things even stranger, […]


Google Adsense Tracking With JavaScript/jQuery

If you have seen the tracking code for Google Adsense, it requires the including of various scripts and variables, its good if you need to track a landing page, or success page. But it is not made clear how you can track user actions on a page where you can only do this through the JavaScript […]


Magento refresh index ssh command

Magento can use allot of resources re-indexing, and you may find that doing re-indexing through the admin panel often fails and/or times out. So running the re-indexing using shell commands is very beneficial, not only does it appear to work faster, it will also run for as long as it needs without any interruptions. It’s […]


How to pack and unpack an archive using SSH

Being a Web Developer or IT technician, you will undoubtedly come across the need to move large amounts of files from one machine to another, in a Web Developers case you may be moving projects from a development environment to a live environment or creating/restoring backups of projects. We all know from experience (only a few […]


How to change file and folder permissions in SSH

One of the most time consuming tasks any Server Administrator / Web Developer faces is changing file, folder and owner permissions across a whole project, if you have more than a few hundred files this can take quite a while using FTP commands. If you have SSH access to the server, you can quickly change […]


WordPress – Add/Edit Pages

WordPress websites are very easy for people to maintain themselves even with very little technological knowledge or know-how. In this Knowledge base article we’re going to walk you through the steps of creating and editing pages and content on your WordPress website. This article assumes you already know how to login to your WordPress admin […]


Fatal error: Out of memory PHP

You may have come across this a few times during your development career, and in most cases it’s easy to either extend PHP’s memory or simply optimize the script you have written to use less memory, however sometimes you may need to extend PHP’s memory but the obvious functions you may be familiar to may […]


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This article explains how to increase the SSH timeout length on CentOS servers. In this example CentOS 6.7 is used. The first thing you need to do is edit the file located /etc/ssh/sshd_config nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config   Uncomment these lines: (Located nearer the bottom of the file) #ClientAliveInterval 0 #ClientAliveCountMax 3   Now edit the values […]


OpenCart – eCommerce Software

OpenCart eCommerce Platform What is OpenCart and why we recommend it for your eCommerce business. WebDesires are Accredited OpenCart Developers in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. The majority of our work is with OpenCart and supporting our clients who have OpenCart eCommerce stores, we recommend OpenCart to all clients looking to start an eCommerce store because […]


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Setting up a PTR Record in your DNS is a vital step for any website, especially if you are sending emails as this is an ever growing requirement for spam checking – A Reverse DNS record allows any server to verify that the IP address is authorized with the domain name and as such tells a server receiving […]