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BoxBilling has an awful PDF Invoice layout and design, we have completely re-written the layout to best accommodate all the information you would expect on the invoice, that is simple to read and understand. This also allows for more invoice items to fit on a page since we are using far less of the page for the company/client information. We have moved the company logo so that it is at the top left of the invoice, with invoice number, created date and due date on the right of the logo, under this is a nice clear bold “paid” or “unpaid”, color coded green and red depending on the status. Company/Client details are more clearly laid out with heading spaced away from data, and now these two columns share the width of the screen instead of 3 columns crammed together like in the default layout.  

What It Does

Take a look at the screen shots above, this modification will replace a few files in your BoxBilling, making your PDF invoices generate more beautifully, your designed logo and business details will appear in the invoice as well as the customers and of course the invoice information.

Installation Instructions

It is extremely easy to install this modification, just copy the Service.php file from the ZIP that is provided after checkout to your /bb-modules/Invoice/ folder, overwriting the default one. Don’t forget to backup your original file as we cannot be held responsible for anything that may go wrong such as file corruptions and missing data.


If you have any issues at all using this modification please contact us immediately via our contact form, we will need a BoxBilling admin account and access to your FTP in order to assist with any issues.

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