Updates and Improvements: How They Benefit eBay Buyers and Sellers

Updates and Improvements: How They Benefit eBay Buyers and Sellers
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eBay seller sees boost in buyer activity since new eBay system changes.

The year 2016 was a breakout year for the buying and selling community on eBay. New tools and policies put in place are driving concrete improvements.

Cyndi Zlotow, the brains behind the Amazing Taste eBay Store, offered a few ideas as to why and how these changes have helped increase buyer activity over the past several months.


More Buyers

“I’m seeing a lot of new buyers come to the site,” said Zlotow. “eBay drove this idea that entrepreneurs could fund new businesses with eBay sales, and it appears to have brought in new buyers. New sellers become new eBay buyers.”

Zlotow said her number of items sold has jumped 20 percent since late summer. Many of the buyers are what Zlotow considers new buyers (buyers with 0 feedback).

“I’m seeing lots of new buyers in my own store saying ‘wow, I didn’t know I could get all this stuff so much cheaper on eBay,’” said Zlotow.

Some of the reasons Zlotow cites for eBay buyer experience improvements include:

  • Improvements to the the way search reacts on the site and in the app – “There are different quantifiers you can tap on, as opposed to having to click on and refine searches. It’s all right on the screen.”
  • Free 2-3 day shipping. “It’s been an eye opening experience for lots of people. This was always here, and they were just missing it.”
  • The new ShopBot for Facebook Messenger. “Message the ShopBot that you want a Burberry coat. The bot then scans eBay and shows you items that fit that search.”
  • New release search. “Any time a company puts out new items eBay highlights them.”
  • Mobile-friendly listings. “Before things looked beautiful on a PC, but they didn’t fit mobile screens. I saw a lot of complaints about this on social media, but now it’s fixed.”
  • Less friction in the search process. “The AI technology eBay rolled out ends up as less clicks or less ‘buying friction’ for the shopper. If a buyer normally buys $5 paint brushes, for example, the AI is not going to show them $150 brushes. It shows you the one you’re more likely to purchase and doesn’t waste your time.”


Easier Listing

The improvements don’t stop at the buyer either. Zlotow lists several reasons why selling is now easier with the new eBay system changes:

  • Listing via photo cloud. “eBay released a feature where you can pull pictures from the cloud into your mobile listing. It’s really cool because I can go from PC to phone and back again. It’s become much easier from the phone.”
  • Phone listing via UPC. “I can list from my phone. I can scan the UPC code from my phone. The listing automatically populates title, picture, and category notes. I just set a price, set up the shipping, and it’s up on the site. This works particularly well for things like CDs and DVDs. I can put up dozens in an hour. It’s a huge time saver.”
  • Saving listings as draft. “I can save a listing on my phone then go back to the computer later and finish it up.”



The increase in reviews on eBay has also paid off. “We’re seeing more and more reviews on items,” said Zlotow. “It used to be very rare to see reviews.”

“Our buyers at Amazing Taste care about reviews, and items with reviews just sell better,” she continued. “How do the clothes fit? Do they run big or small? The more reviews the site gets, the more likely people are to buy,” she said.

Actionable Data Insights

In the past it was difficult to discover traffic and trending information about seller listings. Today, however, that high-level information is available to sellers. “eBay’s given us a lot more access,” said Zlotow. “I can now see how much traffic is coming from outside of eBay – from places like my social media feeds, for example. I can see sourcing guides and trends on a particular product. I can see if a particular item hasn’t moved and then learn from that to bring a better product to the marketplace. Previously you could only do this with a third party tool.”

All these improvements have been a boon for both buyers and sellers. “It’s great to see eBay take a leadership role with respect to technology,” said Zlotow. “They want to get ahead of things instead of reacting. All of this benefits buyers, and also us sellers.”

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