See what your customers are doing with Inspectlet

See what your customers are doing with Inspectlet
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So we all hear about SEO and optimizing rankings, but the cold hard fact is that non of that will matter if users find it difficult or confusing to use your website effectively. What is worse is that if you are paying for advertising or for an SEO specialist to rank you higher, you may be losing out on those all important conversions if visitors to your site get stuck or put off and leave for a competitor.

I have always explained to my clients that ranking is important for any business, but website speed, usability and UI are far more important and must be perfect before wasting money on SEO or advertising.

So how do you monitor your users and make sure they are interacting with your website in a pleasant manner?


Inspectlet – Watch your visitors

With inspectlet you can watch your visitors interacting with your website, see what process they are following, what information they are looking at, how the page looks on their device and what is putting them off and making them leave your site completely.

When you sign up and login to your dashboard you will be presented with something like this:

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From here you can see all the latest sessions recorded from your website, you can easily filter the recorded sessions to find sessions you wish to watch. Clicking on a session will take you to a video player like interface where you can watch their desktop as if you was sitting right behind them at the time they was on the site, you will see the browser window in the exact size they had it on their display, see the mouse cursor and what they were scrolling to, clicking on and hovering over nervously.

See this demo below of a recording being played back:


From recordings you can easily identify issues with your website and then work towards correcting those issues with a designer, developer or content writer.


Easy to implement

Inspectlet is very easy to implement into a website, after adding your website to inspectlet you will be provided with a “get code” button, simply follow the instructions on the screen to embed the code into your website and start recording your visitors traffic.

Start Using Inspectlet Now.


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