Problems with PayPal and iPhone

Problems with PayPal and iPhone
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Are your conversion rates plunging when it comes to customers checking out using PayPal on iOS devices? There may be problems with PayPal and iPhone!

Well it appears there is a small bug thats been caused due to an update to iOS recently, from what we can gather customers who use the auto-login feature of iOS with their PayPal details before the recent update, have updated to the latest version and can no longer use PayPal for checking out, this is because their browser cache has invalidated and will no longer work correctly since they updated their phone, PayPal appears to still try and log you in and then suddenly it just redirects you back to the website that initiated the transaction.

This could cause major bounces on your checkout if your customers are prone to be in this very situation, this could affect your conversion rates and your business could lose sales.

The only such solution to this problem for now is to warn your customers of this problem if they attempt to checkout with PayPal and are using iOS – we did just that for a client recently as their conversion rate plummeted by 20% due to this very problem!

It’s simple to correct the problem on the offending device, just try each of these steps:

  • Clear Safari cache: Settings App > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  • Try a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Once shutdown turn the device back on.

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