Implement Schema into your website

Implement Schema into your website
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Power of SchemaTake a look at the image to the left, this is just 1 of many benefits that Schema brings to your search results. Not only does it help your customers interact with your site more effectively directly through the search engine but it also gives google a complete understanding of your website and what it has to offer, for instance you can tell google where your products are, how much they cost, what they look like and whether or not you have them in stock right now. This helps google target it’s customers, you know google is very smart and it knows when a customer is looking for a product, a service or just information, and from your Schema google knows to send the traffic directly to YOU!

So for a few minutes imagine you are a customer (reference the image to the left as a mental note), say you searched for a local business and all you want is a phone number or location. Well with Schema this information will appear right in front of the user as soon as they see the search results – not only can they now contact you with little effort, if they actually mentally knew the information then this reassures them that the link they’re about to click is legitimate and exactly what they are looking for.

Now lets imagine a customer is searching about a product, lets say its pretty niche but there are allot of “information pages” about the product they are searching and your the only site actually selling it, well with Schema they will see straight away that you are selling this product and for how much, they can click directly to your product page for more information and purchase the product.

Ok so back to google perspective, just think about what google thinks of your site currently, its just a site… nothing but content… but with Schema it now knows your a business, where your located, your opening hours, your social networking, your products and their prices, your menu structure and more…

So what sort of site do you think google will rank higher, a site it barely knows or a site that provides as much information about itself as possible? Well its a no brainer that google will trust the latter, and what’s more it can target results depending on specific customers and their behaviour – so you get more traffic, more targeted traffic which will lead to a higher exposure and conversion rate.


Contact Us Now For A Quote

Here at WebDesires we work with many different systems from WordPress to Opencart to completely bespoke systems. We can work with you and your website to integrate the vital Schema needed to improve google rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website. We provide a very clean, efficient and friendly service and can provide excellent support during and after implementation of your Schema – we are available 9-5 (GMT) Monday – Saturday and can give you an instant quote for implementation of Schema into your website(s) – all we need is a link to your website and what system it is built in.

Prices start from £50 depending on system and complexity, contact us now and an agent will be in touch shortly.

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