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Drupal Hacked
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Has your Drupal Website been hacked? Or are you afraid of the recently security vulnerability and need to have your drupal website secured against any future hacking attempts?

Our team of Drupal experts can help you fix any hacking that has occurred on your Drupal Website, or apply security updates so that recent vulnerabilities are corrected in your version of Drupal.

All you need to do is fill out the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible with a free consultation on how we can best deal with your hacking issue. If you are worried about being hacked we can provide a full audit to make sure your software is fully updated, secured and is safe from abuse.

The hack can be due to compromised FTP credentials, an insecure web host, a vulnerable module, a weak password, or an outdated Drupal installation.

Some of the activities performed by the malicious code may not be immediately obvious, things like inserting hidden spam links in the website’s pages, redirecting visitors to a malicious website, and attempting to install malware on your visitors computer.

The hacks can be hidden in a variety of places and might only be active at certain intervals, geo areas or even at some point in the future. The hacks may be located in core files, third party modules, templates, or even the database. The most common form of malware infection places an iframe or JavaScript code into your website causing any number of the above hacks. When the code inserts hidden spam links, these links may only be in the page if the request comes from a search engine or may only be visible to google, causing your google rank to fail and their google rank to rise. When the code redirects a visitor or attempts to infect a visitor’s computer with malware, the attempt may only occur if a visitor comes to the website through Google or another search engine.

To clean up the website, we will first review the website’s files and database for code inserted during the hack and remove that code – this process is time consuming as you can imagine. If the website is running on an old version of Drupal, the current versions are 6.33 and 7.32, we can upgrade the website to the latest version of Drupal following proper upgrade procedures. Also, if any third party modules are out of date we can update them also if required. We will also work with you to secure the website against a future hack. If your website has been hacked due to poor security at your web host we provide an excellent hosting service, which is fully secure and up to date. If your website has been removed from the Google search engine we will assist you in filing a request to have your site re-instated. If your website was distributing malware and has been flagged and blocked, we will request a malware review from Google to have the warning removed. It should take no more than 2 days to be removed from Google’s malware blacklist after a review has been requested.


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