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cPanel Issue On MySQL Databases – There is no such grant defined for user ‘cpses_ cPanel Issue On MySQL Databases – There is no such grant defined for user ‘cpses_

There is currently an on-going issue with cPanel’s MySQL Databases management screen, when attempting to access the MySQL Databases screen you will be presented with the following two errors: The MySQL server is currently offline. And: Error encountered while fetching data: There is no such grant defined for user ‘cpses_{random string}’ on host ‘localhost’ DBDISKUSED […]


Site Checkout Issues Site Checkout Issues

We’ve been made aware that checkout on our website was not working. We have discovered this is due to a few updates that were applied after Christmas, it appears we failed to make sure there was no impact on our checkout modules. You should now be able to checkout as normal through our website, but […]


Merry Christmas 2019 Knowledge Article Thumb

It’s that time of year where we appreciate friends, family and in our case clients! Thank you to everyone for continued business through 2019, we wish you all a Merry Chrstmas and a Happy New Year! We have had a blast this year, working with current and new clients helping them improve their internet presence, providing them […]


BoxBilling PDF Invoice “FPDF error” Knowledge Article Thumb

We was excited to learn that BoxBilling had implemented PDF support, as a user of BoxBilling for our clients we have had numerous requests for PDF invoices. We finally got round to updating our BoxBilling to the latest version and began playing around with the PDF invoices. Unfortunately they did not work at all, we […]


How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows How To Stop 100% Disk Usage With Windows

After suffering this problem myself and reading around, discovering that many of you suffer the same issues, I decided to create a short blog post on how I managed to stop this issue. I first noticed this disk issue when my laptop would hang or crash and just run generally really slow. This was the […]


iOS 9: Surge in mobile data usage after iOS upgrade iOS 9: Surge in mobile data usage after iOS upgrade

iOS 9 users have been suffering since the recent update, but the latest to come to the fold is something that could actually cost you a lot of money if you aren’t careful. It has recently been unearthed that the recent upgrade to the new iOS 9 version of Apple’s operating system has a built […]


Problems with PayPal and iPhone Problems with PayPal and iPhone

Are your conversion rates plunging when it comes to customers checking out using PayPal on iOS devices? There may be problems with PayPal and iPhone! Well it appears there is a small bug thats been caused due to an update to iOS recently, from what we can gather customers who use the auto-login feature of iOS […]


Implement Schema into your website Implement Schema into your website

Take a look at the image to the left, this is just 1 of many benefits that Schema brings to your search results. Not only does it help your customers interact with your site more effectively directly through the search engine but it also gives google a complete understanding of your website and what it has […]


Add Schema to WooCommerce Products Knowledge Article Thumb

WooCommerce & Schema.org/Product To add product schema to your products in WordPress using WooCommerce is relatively straight forward, providing you follow these instruction closely and that the theme you’re using has been coded properly and within the ‘normal’ methods for a WordPress theme. Now lets get started and add schema to WooCommerce products Step 1. […]


Multidimensional Array to CSV (Comma Delimited File) Knowledge Article Thumb

Ok, i had this problem myself and i had to do quite a lot of research to find a good solution that met my needs.. If you have a multidimensional array and you would like all of the contents to be one line within your csv file then here is the best solution i have […]

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