BoxBilling PDF Invoice “FPDF error”

BoxBilling PDF Invoice “FPDF error”
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We was excited to learn that BoxBilling had implemented PDF support, as a user of BoxBilling for our clients we have had numerous requests for PDF invoices. We finally got round to updating our BoxBilling to the latest version and began playing around with the PDF invoices. Unfortunately they did not work at all, we kept getting the following error:

"FPDF error: Not a PNG file: /home/webdesires/public_html/XXXX/mskaG0DGbm"

Being Web Developers we immediately set out to find the cause and correct it, originally assuming that the script could not write the PDF data to a file. However we was wrong, the issue appeared to be with the loading of our company logo for use within the PDF, we found a few suggested solutions online but these did not help. One of the solutions was to make sure the company logo was set, ours was set correctly. We then discovered that for some reason the software was trying to load the logo from our URL “” which is exactly as it is set in the BoxBilling options. However this was failing. We found a good solution that fixed this issue, basically if the URL path matches the install folder of BoxBilling, we are replacing it with the server path instead.

Becomes: /home/webdesires/XXX/portal.png

This has fixed our issue, and may help others with the same problem. Download Modification (FREE)  

Ugly BoxBilling PDF’s

The standard BoxBilling PDF’s are ugly as hell, we have modified the layout of the invoices so they are more professional, save space and are readable, take a look at our BoxBilling Better PDF Invoice Modification. And take a look at our other BoxBilling Modifications.

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